Why did I give up a six-figure job to live in my purpose?!

I had the honor and pleasure of being interviewed by XONECOLE.com by Brenda S. Alexander. I shared a lot of my truths and honestly after reading it in print, I felt very exposed/naked – sharing such intimate details about my leap into leading my own business full time. My purpose is help people take positive action in their lives. Sharing my story may just help someone out.

Looking for ways to market yourself better as a Coach?

Want to build your brand as a coach? My Forbes Coaches Council peers and I share 14 Creative Ways To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Coaching Website via this #forbes article.

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How Breaking My Engagement Saved My Life

If you’re a business owner and are struggling to make it all work, please take a read of my article contribution to Thrive Global. I share my experience with trying to keep my balance as I strive to connect with my ideal clients.