14 Ways to Cope With Grief and Channel Your Resilience

Courtesy of Sasin Paraksa / Shutterstock

14 members of the ThriveGlobal community (including myself) shared some micro steps on grieving. Please take a read and/or share it with someone who may need some extra support during this challenging life event. And if you can-please check in on on those who’ve lost someone. Believe me, it means a lot.


Working While Grieving

Some of you may or may not know that I lost my father unexpectedly a few months ago. There are very little resources out there on how to work and grieve – especially as a solo entrepreneur. So I have been figuring it out on my own. I was honored to be interviewed by Anita Elaine Rivers at WFDU 89.1 FM (my graduate school alma mater) to discuss some life lessons I have been learning as I move through this huge life event. #grief #lifelessons #FDU #coaching #personaldevelopment