Marlene E.

I have known Joyel for 11 years going back to when I was a Verizon Wireless intern straight out of college; our interactions play on many levels that include mentor, HR representative, trainer and friend. Joyel was present for me early on in my career. As a young woman with very little knowledge on the interview process, she encouraged me to have the strength to ask for a higher salary; this action help to set the tone to be stronger individual. It has made me be an advocate for woman’s rights. She trained me on soft skills and prepared me to think of my position not as a “job” but as a “career” giving me the aspiration to one day to be a leader in the company. As my mentor, she helped me get acclimated to the company’s culture. I found it particularly hard to transition and needed that support. My interaction with Joyel has helped me look at mentorship in a different light and something that continues to shape me even today.